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Explore these natural gems individually or add them to your customized tours for added enjoyment. We look fforward to working together with you


The St. Margaret’s Falls better known as the Seven Sisters is located about the centre of the Rainforest which is approximately 3800 acres of land. To access the falls you will have to do some hiking which will take about 40 minutes. It is not a very difficult hike but the trail becomes muddy if rain falls just before the walk; this adds to the fun. Once you get to the falls you can have a swim and relax by the water. The pool at the end of falls is quite big and cool which makes swimming very refreshing. Take note that in Grenada’s rainforest there are no poisonous snakes and dangerous animals, so you can relax as you hike.



Concord Waterfalls is located on the west coast of the island. It is situated in the village of Concord in the parish of St. John with itsroad winding narrowly through a nutmeg plantation.The Concord Waterfalls is made up of three falls, but there is only that is easily accessible. To get to the other falls hiking would have to be done. The first fall is the biggest and highest. The falls is quite refreshing whenever you need to take a dip.


Located north of Grand Etang these springs are best reached by 4x4 jeeps as you travel through banana and nutmeg above Mirabeau Estate. The spring is the most accessible of a number of natural, warm, sulfur springs hidden in the overgrowth. The waist-deep water is clear and surprisingly pleasant smelling - until you stir the bottom with your feet. It is highly recommended that visitors employ the services of a guide.


The boiling springs are situated 1.5 miles north of Lake Antoine. The area is composed of soft porous volcanic sediments, and bubbling saline waters can be viewed in some of the 6 scattered holes throughout the site; the runoff channels tend to have sulfur deposits with orange and yellow hues. Besides the significant geologic formations within the site, the area holds much cultural and spiritual importance: the area has long been visited by local religious sects (such as the Baptist faith) performing religious rituals. It is also theorized that there is a close association between the area and the active “Kick-em-Jenny” sub-marine


Grand Etang rainforest which lies around the Grand Etang Forest Reserve is the most popular area for hiking. It is located in the high interior mountains of the island.The main focus of Grand Etang rainforest is the Grand Etang Lake which fills the crater of one of the island’s extinct volcanoes. Around the rainforest near to the Grand Etang Lake has an amazingly rich diversity of flora and fauna.There are many trails that meander around the azure waters of the Grand Etang Lake. Hikes at Grand Etang Lake can range from as low as fifteen minutes which is consideredto be an easy hike. The hikes that are considered to be more difficult take several hours. 
These hikes include:

Morne LaBaye Trail (15-20 min):

Difficulty: Easy. 

This is a walk the whole family can enjoy. There are twelve points of interest that acquaints visitors with the area’s ecology.

The Ridge and Lake Circle Trail (30 - 60 minutes):
It gives you a breathtaking view of the lake which is so stunning that it cannot be missed.

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